n. 等级, 排, 横列, 队伍, 阶级
a. 茂密丛生的, 恶臭的, 十足的, 粗俗的
vt. 排列, 归类于, 把...分等
vi. 列为, 列队
n. 秩
【计】 秩
【经】 等级
rank next to
in the front rank
rank n 1 [C, U] position in a scale of responsibility, quality, social status, etc (职务、 身分、 社会地位等的)等级
ministers of Cabinet rank 内阁各大臣
a painter of the first/top rank, ie one of the very best 第一流的画家
people of (high) rank 地位高的人
people of all ranks and classes 各阶层各阶级的人. 2 [C, U] position or grade in the armed forces 军阶; 军衔:promoted to the rank of captain 晋升到上尉军衔
above/below a major in rank 军衔高於[低於]少校
officers of high rank 高级军官
reach the rank of colonel 高达上校军衔. 3 [C] line or row of things (物体的)行, 列, 排
a `cab/`taxi rank 一排计程车
Take the taxi at the head of the rank, ie the first in the line. 乘坐排在前头的那辆计程车. 4 (a) [C] line or row of soldiers, policemen, etc standing side by side (士兵、 警察等肩并肩站成的)行列, 横列
ranks of marching infantry 横排行进的步兵
keep/break ranks, ie remain/fail to remain in line 保持[打乱]队形. (b) the ranks [pl] (also `other ranks) ordinary soldiers, ie privates, corporals, etc, not officers 士兵(即二等兵、 下士等, 非军官)
join, serve in, etc the ranks 当兵
rise from the ranks, ie be made an officer after serving as an ordinary soldier 行伍出身(由士兵升为军官)
be reduced to the ranks, ie (of a sergeant, etc) be made an ordinary soldier as a punishment (指中士等)降级为士兵(作为处罚)
(fig 比喻) join the ranks of the unemployed, ie become unemployed 加入失业者大军(沦为失业者). 5 (idm 习语) close ranks => close4. pull rank => pull2. rank, v (not in the continuous tenses 不用於进行时态) 1 [Tn, Tn.pr, Cn.n/a] ~ sb/sth (as sth) place sb/sth in a rank; grade sb/sth according to quality, achievement, etc 将某人[某事物]置入行列中; (按特性、 成就等)将某人[某事物]分等级
I rank her achievement very highly. 我对她的成就评价很高.
Where/How do you rank Karpov as a chess player? 你把卡尔波夫列为哪一级的棋手?
I rank her among the country´s best writers. 我认为她可属全国最优秀作家之列. 2 [Ipr] have a rank or place 属某等级; 居某地位
Does he rank among/with the failures? 他可以算作失败的那一类人吗?
A major ranks above a captain. 少校比上尉军衔高.
a high-ranking official, delegate, etc 高级官员、 代表等. 3 [Tn] (US) have a higher rank than (sb) 比(某人)级别高. rank adj 1 (a) (of plants, etc) growing too thickly; over-luxuriant (指植物等)生长过盛的; 过於繁茂的
rank grass, ivy, etc 蔓生的杂草、 常春藤等
roses that grow rank 过於茂盛的玫瑰. (b) ~ (with sth) (of land) full of or likely to produce many weeds (指土地)长满杂草的, 易生杂草的
rank soil, earth, etc 杂草滋生的土壤、 土地等
a field rank with nettles and thistles 一块长满荨 和大蓟的土地. 2 smelling or tasting bad; offensive 气味或味道不好的; 讨厌的: rank tobacco 呛人的烟叶
the rank stench of rotting meat 腐肉的臭味. 3 [attrib 作定语] (esp derog 尤作贬义) complete and utter; unmistakable 完全的; 不折不扣的
a rank traitor, lie 十足的卖国贼、 谎言
rank insolence, stupidity, injustice, etc 极端的无礼、 愚蠢、 不公等
The winning horse was a rank outsider. 获胜的马是一匹完全不起眼儿的冷门马.